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Magnetic Flux Leakage – MFL inspection

Our Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) tools use permanent magnets to induce a magnetic field to saturation levels inside the pipe wall. Hall effect sensors detect changes in the magnetic field caused by metal loss, corrosion and other anomalies. The changes (commonly referred to as flux leakage) and their relationship to volumetric wall loss help determine the pipe wall condition.

The MFL tools are designed to detect metal loss and corrosion, as well as large, open circumferential cracks. Their versatility makes them effective in product lines, refined production, natural gas, water or condensate product lines—onshore and offshore—alone or together.


UT Pipeline Inline Ultrasonic Inspection

Below follows a list of main pipeline features and defect types that KORSONIC smart tools are able to locate and identify:

  • Internal and external metal loss
  • Lamination
  • Sloping lamination
  • Material imperfections
  • Repairs
  • Girth welds
  • Longitudinal welds
  • HIC-related lamination
  • Blisters
  • Wall thickness variations
  • Pipeline geometry deformations
  • Pipeline installations

The KORSONIC pig is an ultrasonic inspection tool dedicated to comprehensive survey of crude oil and product pipeline walls. The tool travels through a pipeline propelled by an oil flow measuring and recording local pipeline wall thickness and distance to inner wall surface as it moves through the line.

The purpose of this measurement is to provide the operator with a survey report, which precisely documents all defects and anomalies of the pipeline (especially metal losses due to erosion or corrosion) as well as some geometry deformations. The report also includes suggestions as to rehabilitation of the pipeline based on strength calculations.

Pipeline Service


Multi-channel Caliper Inspection Tool


Caliper inspection tools have been developed to provide accurate 3D bore measurements and o’clock positioning. The Caliper arms are mounted directly in contact with the pipe wall to ensure they respond reliably to smaller defects and wall thickness changes. In-house software enables rapid reporting of results, and easy visualization and manipulation of data on client PC’s. The tool can also be equipped with the Inertial Navigation System if required.


Pipeline Internal Geometry Inspection - Kalibrak

The KALIBRAK tool is designed to record and locate changes in the internal geometry of the pipeline.

The purpose of internal geometry measurements of a pipeline is to provide the operator with an inventory report, which includes the location and parameters of out-of-roundness anomalies and fittings.


Pipeline XYZ Mapping

XYZ Mapping is carried out by KORSONIC tool, with Internal Measuring Unit (IMU) on board.

High performance fiber optic gyro technology (FOG) is applied in IMU.

Spatial XYZ data are simultaneously measured and recorded during the survey and after its completion are processed by CDRiA’s dedicated software application.

Recorded XYZ data may be converted into the reference system required by the operator


Pipeline Service


Pipeline Cleaning assestment & calibration Tool – PECAT

PECATTM is a pigging based inspection tool developed to primarily measure the cleanliness of pipelines particularly prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines.

Utilising state of the art unique sensor and data logging technology (patent applied for) the tool not only measures location and quantity of debris in the line, but can also record the other parameters, such as ovality (caliper), temperature, differential pressure, all in the same pigging run.



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